Ex Libris the bridge to knowledge, Overview


Empowering Libraries to Address User Needs

Meeting user expectations for quick, easy, and effective searching and retrieval, Primo® is a one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources, such as books, journal articles, and digital objects.
Primo assists libraries in exposing the richness of their collections and engaging users with an up-to-date discovery and delivery experience.

Interfacing seamlessly with library applications from Ex Libris and other vendors, Primo is an important stepping stone in the transformation of the library towards a new information system architecture unifying front-end user services and back-end management of all types of library resources, regardless of format and location.

Primo services can be embedded in commonly used applications such as course management systems and institutional portals, enabling a library to meet the needs of users wherever they are.
How does Primo help users find and get the information they need?
How can Primo help your library?
How will Primo fit into your existing and future library architecture?


« The Royal Library of Denmark chose Primo for three distinct reasons: First of all we wanted a search tool that could offer our users a one-stop search for our very different information resources.We wanted to give our users a place where they could find what they didn’t even know we had. A place where they could search books, journals, articles, online collections, images,music scores, and digitized manuscripts in one go–as opposed to before where most of these things had to be searched separately in various systems.

Secondly, search without access is futile. With Primo we get full integration with all functionality required by a modern lending library, such as direct online access, full integration with our single sign-on system,the ability for users to place hold requests,see and renew their loans, and so on.

And thirdly, Primo’s consortium aspects appealed a great deal to us due to the close cooperation we have with other libraries. With Primo we can form a true library consortium where libraries can expose their collections to each other in a very clever way, creating a more coherent user experience. »

Ex Libris the bridge to knowledge, Overview

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