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15 Websites Where to Buy Drupal Themes

August 28th, 2008 by admin

Both premium and free drupal themes have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Before deciding in favor of a free theme, have a look at the following premium drupal themes providers. And, who knows, maybe you will find the prices charged by the company worthy of the design and support package you get for your money.

1.  TopNotch Themes offers 18 drupal templates with which you will have no further problems.

2. 80 premium drupal themes from TemplateMonster with an average price of $40-50 per template deserve your attention as well.

3. Themestock.com is a membership-based templates provider among which products you can find about 40 premium drupal themes.

4. 120 premium drupal templates from GoDrupal.com – there’s really something to choose from!

5. Themes Club is another paid membership templates provider, which also offers premium drupal skins.
Themes Club

6. WebsiteTemplates.bz offers 10 premium drupal themes. Their prices vary from $40 to $70.
7. 33 drupal themes are offered by Deonix Design on membership terms.
Deonix Design

8. Themescrib.com offers 7 drupal templates. Not many those, but still worthy of your attention. As for the prices, they are more than low – only $ 30.

9. Drupal themes, each at $ 69,95, are offered by ThemeShark.com

10. CMSlounge offers 41 drupal themes at very affordable prices starting with $19.

11. Another resource of premium drupal themes is ThemeArtisits.com

12. AutoThemes offers about one hundred themes all priced $ 34.99.

If you still haven’t found the theme, you can visit the following websites offering drupal custom design services.

13. ThemeSnap.com is exactly for those seeking for a custom-designed drupal theme.

14. Custom drupal design and other drupal-related services are offered at Blamcast.net

15. BPO Canada also offers drupal-based services.

230+ Drupal Templates | Free Drupal Themes

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3 Commentaires

  1. Honestly 80% of these sites provide poor quality themes, its time someone steps up and makes some kick ass themes like the ones found on wordpress/joomla

  2. I can only agree with drupalbased that the themes are better for wordpress. I actually don’t care to much for the joomla themes either.

  3. yes, its true. most sites have poor quality themes…

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