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Recommended helper applications

In order to use search_attachments.module, you will need the appropriate helper apps on the same computer that Drupal is running on. These apps need to print out extracted text to standard output; currently, search_attachments cannot read extracted text that is saved to a file.

search_attachments version 5.x-4 and later comes with a built-in PHP helper for .txt and .csv files. No external helper is necessary.

File type Helper Platform(s) Sample path
.doc catdoc *nix, Win /usr/bin/catdoc %file%
.doc wv Win c:\wvWare.exe %file%
.pdf pdftotext *nix, Win c:\pdftotext\pdftotext.exe %file% –
.ppt catppt *nix, Win /usr/local/bin/catppt %file%
.xls xls2csv *nix, Win /usr/local/bin/xls2csv %file%

If you have gotten any other helpers to work, I’d love to hear about them.

-For files that aren’t attached to nodes, is there any way of getting the file’s user for display in search results (as opposed to the parent node’s user)? Probably depends on the managing module.

-Implement register_shutdown_function(). Add to .install file variable_set statements for search_attachments_cron_last_id and search_attachments_cron_last_change. See PDD page 209 for details.
-If helper not found, invoke ‘which’ on *nix systems to try to find executable
-Add ability to extract text using PHP code. See

Attachment Size
search_attachments_5_x_4-dev-2008-03-05.tgz 26.63 KB

Recommended helper applications | Mark’s web presence

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