Comparison of « lightbox » type modules |

Comparison of « lightbox » type modules

Last updated: 29th June 2008

There are various modules in Drupal which provide « lightbox » type functionality. These modules usually use JavaScript to overlay images on the current page when clicked upon, which has the advantage of being able to show users the large version of a thumbnail image while keeping them on the same page. However, there are a number of these modules available, each quite similar but some have more features, while others are more lightweight or have better browser support.

This article attempts to do a comparison between these modules to allow you to choose which one best suits your needs. For the purposes of this comparison, the « lightbox » type functionality where content can be displayed in a container overlayed on the current page, whether it be for images, iframed content or videos, shall be referred to as a « lightbox ».

If any of the information is incorrect or out of date, please let me know and I will do my best to update or correct it.

I should point out that I’m the current maintainer of the Lightbox2 module but I’m aiming to produce an unbiased and fair comparison below.

Available Modules

There are quite a few modules that provide lightbox functionality. Below is a list of the ones I found and shall compare, but there may be others that I’ve missed.

  • Lightbox2 – supports images, grouped images, slideshow images, videos and HTML content. It also supports a wide number of Drupal’s various image modules. Older versions (4.7.x and 5.x-1.x) used the prototype and script.acolu.ous libraries, but has since been re-written to take advantage of the jQuery library now included in Drupal core.
  • jQuery Lightbox – a port of the Lightbox2 project which uses jQuery. It was released a few days before Lightbox2’s own jQuery version. It has fewer features and configuration options, which may be advantageous to some users.
  • Thickbox – a wrapper for the jQuery « thickbox » plugin and includes image and iframed content support. It also provides integration support for Drupal’s image, imagecache and imagefield modules.
  • Shadowbox – a nice module which works well and could be a very powerful tool once there’s an official release available and with the addition of a couple of more features. The only disadvantage is that it depends on 3rd party software.
  • Greybox Redux – this module shows HTML content (websites) in a lightbox, but doesn’t have any support for image content.

I won’t be including the following modules in my comparison:

  • DBFM Greybox – this module does nothing on it’s own, but is required by the Database File Manager (DBFM) module to display pop-up windows. I’m not including this in the comparsion as it’s specifically only for the DBFM module.
  • Slidebox – this module allows you to select a View which « slides in » from the top of the browser window on specified pages. It doesn’t provide « true » lightbox functionality which I would consider to be where the user clicks on something and a lightbox is opened. This lightbox is triggered on page load and is specifically for showing Views in a lightbox. Therefore, I’m not going to include it in my comparison. However, for those who are interested, I’ve included it in the browser support section below.
  • Slideshow – this isn’t actually a lightbox module. From reading the project page I was a bit unsure because it says that it can show the slideshow above the page content, but by this it means at the top of the page, rather than in a lightbox overlay. I’ve included it in some of the overview tables below for those who are interested.

Comparison of « lightbox » type modules |

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  1. Sweiti


    SVP est ce que vous vous savez comment inserer des video en utilisant le module lightbox2?

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