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Iconize Drupal

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on this site’s design, and probably the most frequent compliment I get regards the icons on this site. I added them because it’s a very small addition that makes a site a lot more exciting. As much as I love Drupal, I was surprised when I learned that there’s no unique CSS ID for most menu items in the Drupal core. This tutorial will show you how to add these handlers to make adding icons trivial.

Throughout this short tutorial I’ll assume you have some knowledge of Drupal’s theme system, but if you don’t, head over to the handbook to learn more.

Head over to your theme folder and open template.php, or create it if it doesn’t exist. Make sure the file has the opening php tag, but not a closing one. Once the file is ready, add the following code… [see article]

Iconize Drupal | Failboat

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