Online Demos

The following demos are developed using the PRADO framework. They are also available under the demos directory in the PRADO release.

  • Hello World: This is perhaps the smallest interactive PRADO application that you can build. It may serve as a good start for building your own applications based on PRADO.
  • Component Composer: This demo is an practical application that can be used to help you quickly write up a PRADO component.
  • Personal Website: This demo can be served as the starting point to develop a multi-page Web application. It also shows how to support user login in a PRADO application.
  • Quickstart tutorial demo: This demo is meant to help you learn PRADO. It contains tens of sub-demos showing various Web controls included in the PRADO release.
  • PRADO Blog: This is a complete weblog system with user management, post management and configuration management.
  • Currency Converter: A small tutorial example demonstrating the basic use of validator and AJAX controls.
  • SOAP Service: This demo is a quick setup of a SOAP server and client.
  • AJAX Chat: A easy to build web chat application using AJAX controls and Active Records for database access (see tutorial).
  • Time Tracker: A complete personal project time tracker application using SQLMap for data access.
  • Address Book: A PRADO-driven Flex application. This is a perfect demo showing how PRADO can work together with Flex to build a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

PRADO VMWare Image

PRADO VMWare Image includes everything needed to try PRADO on a virtual machine. Get a VMWare Player (free), load the PRADO VMWare Image and start the enjoy the fun of PRADO! Note: The login credentials are admin/admin for all areas that requires authentication (e.g. server login, database, cache).


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