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Add A Web Store To Your MySpace™ Profile or Other Web Page Now!

Putting a store on your MySpace™ profile page can be challenging. Many people want to display products they are selling but don’t know where to start.

That’s why we’ve made it easy with Web Store Widget. All you have to do is quickly set up an account, list your items for sale, and grab the code widget code for your page. We do the rest!

Your MySpace™ or other web page could have a store like this in just a few minutes from now!

All this with no upfront or monthly fees. With our low transaction fees, we don’t get paid unless you do!

<!–p style= »text-align: center; »> </p–> How It Works:

  • Create an account and upload your products for sale.
  • Copy the code provided to your webpage and you can begin selling.
  • Once users see an item on your widget, they can click on it to get more info. They then move over to the listing page on our site and from there they can purchase the product through PayPal™.
  • The payment is automatically sent through to your PayPal™ account and the buyer’s information for shipping is emailed to you at the email address we have on file.
  • Your products are automatically incorporated into our site’s selling gallery as well, so you have increased exposure and a larger audience for your products.

How to Get Started:

  1. Go to our Registration page and create an account by providing the email address you use with PayPal, creating your own password and accepting our terms of use.
  2. Upload information for one of your products and hit submit.
  3. You will now be logged in and will be able to add more products to your inventory, update your profile with your preferred contact information, store name, etc. and customize your widget.
  4. Click on the Get Widget link at the top of the page to get the code for your store. Simply select the option which applies to the site and store you want, and then copy the code provided to you and paste it into your web page/MySpace™ profile. And you’re ready to sell!

Web Store Widget

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