Features – FormSpring

Features – FormSpring

Form Builder

  • Web-based control panel to create and configure forms with a web browser (Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox and Safari). No need to install additional software.
  • Add any kind of form widget (text fields, select lists, radio buttons, check boxes, etc) to your form, and change settings like sizes and layout. All without having to know HTML or scripting.
  • Easily create multi-page forms with skip/branching logic to hide non-applicable questions.
  • Calculating form fields
  • Use the FormSpring form importer to automatically create forms from an external webpage or HTML file.

Form Submission 

  • Send submitted form data to an unlimited number of email addresses.
  • JavaScript and server-side validation to make sure users enter information for all required fields.
  • Choose a password for each of forms so you can choose who can submit data.
  • Create a custom message for users to read after they submit your form.
  • Send users a custom confirmation email after they submit your form.
  • Ability to let users upload files

Form Data

  • Create Saved Searches and make browsing and finding your data easier
  • Use the FormSpring API to add, edit and retrieve data stored within your FormSpring account, it currently returns data in XML, JSON and serialized PHP. To learn more check out our API Documentation here
  • Search, browse, and view each data submission online.
  • View summarized reports of submitted data.
  • Download submitted data as a CSV file to use within Microsoft Excel or Access.
  • Download submitted data as a RTF file to use within Microsoft Word
  • Receive your form submissions with an RSS subscription.
  • Share data and reports with other users without giving them access to your account.


  • Forms can be viewed and submitted over a secure 128-bit encrypted connection.
  • Encrypt emailed data with secure PGP encryption.
  • Encrypt data saved in the database with secure 128-bit encryption.
  • Your control panel is accessed over a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection, protecting your account information and form data.


  • Customize FormSpring with your own logo and branding using our private label feature.
  • PayPal Integration
  • Create custom templates to add branding and design to your forms.
  • After users submit your form you can redirect them to a custom URL on your site.
  • Customize email and web page confirmation messages with the data submitted in the form.
  • Ability to embed a form on your site with one line of code

NOTE: Certain features are available only with paid accounts. For more information about what you get with a paid account versus a free account, visit our pricing page.

Features – FormSpring

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  1. Hi
    Thanks so much for the post.
    I am struggling finding a decent form service.
    I was checking on Zoho, Google docs, and other form services..
    Just to realize that the most simple one is the best.

    This one looks promises to me, I’m going to check it now.


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