Quelle solution de e-commerce ?

osCommerce is a free, open source online shop software. The default installation includes a large number of features that you can easily enable and configure. You can easily install osCommerce on your website with the help of the Fantastico auto-installer.
With osCommerce shopping cart you can add multiple products on your site, organize them in categories, set discounts and special promotions. osCommerce allows you to set your prices in different currencies and accept all popular payment methods: PayPal, credit cards, cheques. osCommerce has a built-in shipping and tax functionalities.

Cre loaded
CREloaded project is built on the source code of osCommerce but it has extra contributions installed. It offers powerful shopping cart solutions in both free and paid editions. With CREloaded you have the ability to distribute coupon codes, the template system is better, and you have an affiliate manager.
CRE Loaded Open Source Ecommerce Software : PAYANT

Zen Cart
Zen cart is being developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants who have first-hand experience in e-commerce. Zen Cart is the outcome of their continuous mutual work. It is a free and user-friendly shopping cart, and is distributed as an open source software.

Cube cart
CubeCart is an eCommerce script written in PHP & MySQL. With CubeCart you can setup a powerful online store as long as you have hosting supporting PHP and one MySQL database. CubeCart is very powerful and easy to connect to various payment gateways.
gratuit CubeCart v3
payant CubeCart v4

CS-Cart is paid shopping cart software written in PHP & MySQL
(The license is a one-time fee of $195 and includes 1 month of free technical assistance at CS-Cart).
The CS Shopping Cart is easy to install, has an intuitive template management system (compared to osCommerce)
and user-friendly admin area.
By default, CS-Cart is integrated with more than 35 popular payment systems such as PayPal, 2CheckOut,
GoogleCheckOut, WorldPay, etc. It includes 5 professional templates and their 20 color schemes in all.
CS-Cart is a fully multilingual software with multicurrency feature.
It has also an advanced Order management tool, Affilate add-on, Product configurator,
Feature comparison and Gift Registry modules.

Virtuemart – Joomla Shopping Cart : Joomla e-commerce Edition
Virtuemart (formerly known as php-Shop) is an independent open-source shopping cart solution. However, it is better known as an e-commerce component for Mambo or Joomla! CMS.
demo http://virtuemart.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=145&Itemid=97

autre démonstration : http://boutique-demo.anteane.fr/

Drupal ecommerce


osc2nuke is the combination of two opensource products, phpnuke CMS and oscommmerce shopping cart. osc2nuke fills the gap between those two worlds and grant to the project users acces to thousand of phpnuke themes, modules and blocks while it also make possible the installation of oscommmerce ressources.



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